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Bentley cars have a good reputation in the automobile industry because of their high-performance and lavishness. Thus, Bentley servicing cost is attached with the care and consideration of owning one. After all, their quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology are like no other. In fact, if you are an owner of a Bentley, you must focus on regular servicing. Undoubtedly, it ensures that your supercar can operate its best. Moreover, it extends the lifespan of your car and keeps it on the road for good. 

Moreover, irrespective of the Bentley service pricing, fuel and functional efficiency are only achievable through regular maintenance and servicing. Therefore, if you want to cherish your supercar for a long time, you must pay heed to its maintenance needs. After all it will act as a proactive care and help you identify any harmful issues from their earliest and subtlest of the signs.

Factors Influencing Bentley Servicing Cost

Needless to say, there are so many factors that affect the Bentley servicing cost. Thus, with the right know-how, you can chalk out a perfect servicing budget that does not drain your savings. Besides, the money you put into servicing your supercar acts as an investment in the long run. Anyway, here are some of the key factors that can make the servicing costs go up or down for you:

Model and Year

The production year and model can easily affect the Bentley servicing cost. After all, the models that are older need more frequent maintenance because of the constant wear and tear. Contrarily, newer models have the benefit of advanced engineering and technology. Thus, the newer models do not have a strict servicing need. Besides, vintage Bentleys demand a specialized care that comes at a higher service cost. However, regular servicing is crucial for any and every make and model of Bentleys. 


Higher Bentley servicing cost is often the result of a high mileage. After all, the more kilometers you drive your supercar, the more the essential components experience accelerated wear: engine, transmission, and suspension. Resultantly, there is a more frequent need for repairs. In fact, the fluids and filters require more regular changes because of high mileage as well. All in all, if you want to keep your Bentley in a proper condition, you must never shy away from Bentley service expenses. 

Warranty Coverage

Undoubtedly, if you want to reduce or mitigate Bentley maintenance cost, warranty coverage can play a vital role. After all, the purpose of a comprehensive warranty coverage is to significantly reduce or even cover expenses for repairs and replacements of major components. Besides, this way, the financial burden rests on the manufacturer’s shoulders. Therefore, regular servicing is necessary if you want to maintain a valid warranty. Lastly, this is a perfect way to keep your car in top condition.

Additional Features and Modifications

Aftermarket modifications and additional features also affect the Bentley maintenance cost. After all, if your Bentley is equipped with advanced features, then it needs specialized servicing as well. Besides, their features sometimes have unique components that need specialized technicians. What’s more, sometimes aftermarket modifications can void the warranty. Thus, leaving you to solely cover all the maintenance costs.

Models we servicing

Some service requirements may vary according to the age of your Bentley

What is the cost to own and maintain a modern Bentley?
Bentley is one of the most dominant supercar brands. Below you can see our price example menu for Specialist Bentley Servicing and maintenance in the UK. All prices are subject to your car mileage and VAT. If you have any questions please call us for a quote or simply click the button below to contact our Service Manager. Servicing is performed by professionally trained technicians using Genuine Bentley Parts, which come with a minimum one-year dealership warranty.

As experienced technicians who have worked on all types of Bentley over the years, we are able to offer our professional assistance on any model you may have, including:

Current Bentley Models

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga EWB

Legacy Bentley Models

Bentley Arnage

Bentley Azure

Bentley Brooklands

Bentley Continental R

Bentley Continental T

Bentley Eight

Bentley Mulsanne (previous generations)

Bentley Turbo R

Bentley Turbo S

Regular servicing is the foundation of a well-maintained Bentley. Just as you would visit a doctor for routine check-ups, your Bentley requires professional attention to keep it operating at its peak.

General Servicing Recommendations for Bentley Models:

Service Intervals: The frequency of servicing your Bentley depends on various factors, including model, age, usage patterns, and manufacturer recommendations. However, a general guideline is as follows:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or annually.
  2. Major Services: Every 20,000 to 30,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Regular service by a profesional garrage will protect the value of your car, ensure the highest quality parts and service, and keep your car up-to-date with factory service campaigns. Contact us for current pricing and available time slots.

Expected Cost

Here’s a chalked out breakdown of Bentley servicing cost. Still, keep it pinned to the back of your mind that prices fluctuate with time. So, there are so many factors that can influence the figures in this chalk line.

Oil and Filter Changes:  from £200
Brake System Maintenance: from £300
Transmission Servicing: from £500 
Suspension Inspections and Repairs various pieces
Electrical System Diagnostics various pieces
Interior and Exterior Detailing various pieces


Tips to Reduce Bentley Servicing Cost

If you want an affordable Bentley servicing cost, there are some tips and tricks that you follow. All of these tips are work-proven by the manufacturers and other Bentley owners. So, you need not worry about anything. Here are some of these tips for your benefit:

  • Regular Maintenance Schedule Adherence
  • DIY Maintenance Tasks
  • Comparison Shopping for Parts and Labor
  • Utilizing Authorized Service Centers

Choosing the Right Service Center for Bentley Servicing

Selecting the right service center can help you budget Bentley servicing cost better. Besides, not all service centers are trustworthy. So, you need to take your time to select the one that is reliable and affordable to you. While selecting one, make sure that the technicians there are certified. After all, only certified technicians have the skills and knowledge to provide a top-class service. Moreover, these technicians are experienced with almost every Bentley model. And shall you need any part for your Bentley, quality service centers have the genuine parts for you. Lastly, to ensure that you go to the right service center, always take a look at customer reviews and recommendations. They will tell you everything you need to know about the service quality of your selected service center. This way, you will be able to make a more informed decision. 

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How can we help Bentley owners?

Bentley Servicing and Repairs

Types of Bentley Servicing

Before you head into the cost of servicing a Bentley, it is very crucial to know the service types. After all, you can budget better if you know the type of service you need. Here are three key types of the services every Bentley owner needs from time to time:

  • Routine Maintenance: Routine maintenance is not complicated. In fact, it includes tasks like oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations. After all, all these tasks are vital if you want optimal performance for your Bentley. 
  • Major Servicing: Major servicing is all about engine tune-ups, fuel delivery systems, and emission controls. All these procedures are crucial if you want to keep your Bentley in perfect condition for longer. Moreover, Bentley servicing cost is higher for this. 
  • Specialized Servicing: These services include air suspension inspections and maintenance to ensure proper functioning, ride comfort, and handling. In fact, it also includes infotainment system updates and diagnostics to address software glitches. 

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