Block exemption regulation

Mclaren Servicing and Repairs

Block exemption regulation gives you the right to have your vehicle serviced or repaired at a dealership of your choice without invalidating its original warranty. To even out the playing field, it also ensures that independent dealerships and workshops have the same access to technical information, spare parts, diagnostic equipment, and software as manufacturers or manufacturer-approved dealerships.

As a result, we can service or repair your vehicle without affecting its warranty. Rather than settling for the level of service at your local manufacturer dealership, you can choose to let our team of professional technicians give your vehicle the treatment it deserves. Every vehicle we work on receives a thorough health check that identifies any issues, and clearly ranks these according to their priority. As the client, you’ll end up with a clear understanding of the condition of your vehicle and you’ll have control over the work that we carry out. At a manufacturer dealership, the experience is extremely different; your vehicle won’t receive such a detailed assessment, you won’t have control over the process, and you’ll pay a higher price for a lower quality service.

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How does block exemption regulation benefit vehicle owners?

  • Having access to a wider range of dealerships means that you won’t have to wait too long or travel too far for servicing or repairs.
  • The increased competition encourages dealerships to improve the quality of their services and to make their prices competitive.
  • With your warranty secure, you have the freedom to find a dealership that has the specialist knowledge you require and won’t have to settle for the generalist approach found within many manufacturer dealerships.

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