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Supercar Service

Supercar ServiceIf your engine or transmission has been severely damaged or has worn through, we have the mechanical skills and experience to rebuild it in house. Our team is highly experienced, having worked with high value vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers. All our work is completed efficiently, swiftly, and to a high standard. The expertise that we’ve built up ensures that we’ll have your vehicle back in perfect working condition before you know it.

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To find out more about embarking on an engine or transmission rebuild, call +44 (0)203 701 5756 or email info@supercarservice.co.uk. We’re always happy to answer any questions.


Why choose Supercar Service?

Supercar Service


As highly experienced supercar experts, we have the mechanical expertise to successfully complete specialist rebuild projects. Our manufacturer-training ensures that we know exactly how to tailor our work to your vehicle.


Our services are available worldwide so that you can always take advantage of our mechanical and electronic skills. We’ve worked on a wide range of vehicles and will be able to tailor your rebuild to your vehicle and requirements.

Supercar Service

Supercar Service


We’ve embraced WhatsApp as a way to stay in contact throughout your rebuild, keeping you up to date with our progress and making sure that you can conveniently approve the work we carry out.

Attention to detail

We will complete a thorough health check of your vehicle to make sure that it is in optimum condition when we return it to you. Not only does this make sure the vehicle is safe, it makes sure the driving experience is exactly as it needs to be.

Supercar Service

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Call +44 (0)203 701 5756 or email info@supercarservice.co.uk to ask us more about our services. We’re always happy to answer any questions.