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Supercar ServicePaint protection film (PPF) is a convenient way to keep your vehicle’s paintwork in excellent condition without having an impact on its appearance. This highly durable transparent film will protect against chips and scratches, absorbing the impact of any dirt or road debris so that the underlying paint isn’t damaged. Our team of professional installers are familiar with a wide range of high value vehicles and know how to achieve an excellent finish, even when working with intricate and unconventional shapes such as the front bumper of a Lamborghini Aventador. If you’ve recently purchased a high value vehicle such as a supercar, having PPF installed should be your top priority.

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The process

There is an art to successfully applying paint protection film. In order to fully protect the underlying paintwork and ensure a durable, seamless finish, our professional installers will wrap the film around the panels of your vehicle so that it’s held in place securely. This thorough approach involves removing parts such as window trims and wing mirrors during the installation process, and it ensures that, when the film has been applied and the vehicle has been reassembled, there are no visible seams that could trap dirt and ruin its appearance. Only highly experienced installers are comfortable working on high value vehicles and will always take the time to apply paint protection film this way. At Supercar Service, it’s our standard approach.

What suppliers do we use?

  • 3M

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