Parts and labour guarantee

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Whenever we install new parts, they will be covered by a guarantee for a fixed period (often 12 months). The exact terms and conditions of parts guarantees will vary according to the part supplier and manufacturer and the part in question – we will discuss the relevant terms with you to make sure that they are clear, prior to the collection of your vehicle. Then, if any issues occur within the guaranteed period, our technicians will inspect the parts in question and, provided they fall within the terms and conditions, will notify the manufacturer and carry out the necessary repairs.

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The process

  • If there is an issue with a part that we have installed while it is still under guarantee, we will inspect the part to establish the cause of the issue.
  • If our professional technicians find that the part was faulty, they will liaise with the manufacturer directly and will replace the part according to the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

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