Oil Change Cost For A Ferrari

Usually, Ferrari oil change cost ranges from £235 to upwards. Still, this is a rough estimate based on general observations. Therefore, there is a high chance that price may fluctuate depending on the specific model of your Ferrari, your location, and the service provider you choose. Thus, to get an accurate cost estimate, the most recommended thing is to contact your local Ferrari dealership or reputable independent Ferrari specialist. They will be easily able to chalk out the precise quote per your specific needs.

Ferrari typically recommends an oil change every 7,500 to 10,000 miles or once a year

Besides, oil change in a standard vehicles costs around £120 or so. Thus, you can expect these prices to easily reach a few hundred more for a Ferrari. Still, there are so many factors that affect Ferrari oil change cost.

Oil Change Cost For A Ferrari

Factors That Influence Ferrari Oil Change Cost

Ferrari is a luxury brand with high-performance vehicles that captivate the hearts of car freaks. And servicing these vehicles comes with a premium price tag.

Ferrari needs high-quality oil to meet the performance requirements of their engines.

What’s more, there are so many factors that decide the Ferrari oil change cost. Here are some of these aforementioned factors discussed in detail:

Type of Ferrari

The model you own majorly decides the Ferrari oil change cost for you. After all, each model has its own unique characteristics. For instance, models vary greatly depending on the engine size, oil capacity, and oil filter requirements. All of these impact the overall cost of the oil change. Moreover, a model with a larger engine requires more oil, increasing the overall oil change cost. Similarly, if your Ferrari has specialized oil filters, the expense can increase.

Synthetic Oil

During oil changes, you need synthetic oil for a Ferrari. And this inevitably increases Ferrari oil change cost. After all, synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil. The reason for this is its superior performance and protection properties. These both are highly crucial for high-performance engines like the ones in Ferrari. Moreover, synthetic oil is a better lubricant. Thus, it has a higher resistance to breakdown even under extreme temperature. It even keeps the engine cleaned and reduces friction. All these enhance the engine longevity for your Ferrari. Thus, even though it costs higher, it is necessary to ensure the Ferrari’s engine operates at its best and maintains its reliability over time.

Dealer/Independent Shop

Ferrari oil change cost also relies on the dealer/independent shop you choose for the task. Compared to independent shops, the authorized dealers always charge a higher prize for the task. The reason for this is that they have the specialized training and expertise needed to perform this task excellently. Easily, they have in-depth knowledge of the brand, specific models, and the intricacies of Ferrari engines.

Ferrari oil changes also involve replacing the oil filter

Moreover, you can trust the authorized dealers to use genuine Ferrari parts during the oil change. This surety alone is why one must prefer the authorized dealers over the independent shops. After all, genuine parts are specifically performance-enhancing. These parts come at a premium price. Thus, they are alone the reason behind the high peak of Ferrari oil change cost. Contrarily, independent shops offer competitive prices. The parts they use are high-quality aftermarket parts. What’s more, these parts are often compatible with Ferrari vehicles. Ultimately, the decision is on you. But, the price depends on the decision you make.

Ferrari oil change

Additional Services Also Influence Ferrari Oil Change Cost

During the oil change, there are additional services that you include in the process. These additional services also raise the bar of Ferrari oil change cost. The optimal performance of your Ferrari depends on these additional services as much as it does on the oil change. Primarily, oil filter replacement is the most important among these additional services. After all, it helps remove the impurities from the oil. This results in the clean lubrication for the engine. Thus, replacing it helps you maintain the performance of your Ferrari’s engine for good. Secondly, fluid top-ups are a vital part of the oil change procedure. It includes checking and topping up any fluids in the Ferrari other than the engine oil. For instance, topping the coolant, brake fluids, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. To keep the Ferrari functioning properly, ensuring these fluids are at appropriate levels helps a lot.

Lastly, there is a multi-point inspection that is vital during the oil change procedure. Much of Ferrari oil change cost shifts because of this special inspection. This includes a thorough check of the various Ferrari components such as brakes, tires, suspension, belts, hoses, and electrical systems. It allows the timely maintenance of your Ferrari and can help you prevent significant problems down the line. Moreover, these services can vary depending on the service provider you choose and their specific oil change package. All in all, each service contributes to the overall oil change cost.


The range for Ferrari oil change cost is £235 to upwards. But this range can vary depending on so many factors. For instance, the model of your Ferrari, the use of synthetic oil for the process, the dealer or independent shop you choose, and the additional services that you may need. All these factors are important in deciding the overall cost. Yet, all these are vital to keep your Ferrari high-functioning as well. So, irrespective of the range, always get the best for your car if you want longevity for its engine and stellar performance.