Ancillary hoses and fits for Lamborghini 5.0 V10 2003-2008

This kit contains 14 Coolant hoses for Lamborghini 5.0 V10 2003-2008

Coolant hoses in Lamborghini vehicles are vital components that ensure proper engine cooling. They circulate coolant, dissipating excess heat and preventing engine overheating.

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6 Ancillary hoses for Lamborghini 5.0 V10 2003-2008

COLOUR: Only available in black due to Abrasion Sleeve

Samco Sport’s Ancillary Hoses for Lamborghini are a must-have upgrade for any discerning Lamborghini owner. Crafted with precision and excellence, these hoses are designed to enhance the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of your prized supercar.

Why Are Ancillary Hoses in Lamborghini Important?

  1. Enhanced Durability: Samco Sport’s ancillary hoses are constructed from high-quality materials that provide superior durability and longevity. They are engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions often experienced by Lamborghini engines.
  2. Improved Performance: These hoses ensure efficient coolant and air circulation, contributing to better engine performance. With optimised flow, your Lamborghini can unleash its full power potential.
  3. Preventative Maintenance: Upgrading to Samco Sport’s ancillary hoses is a proactive step to prevent hose failures, which can lead to engine damage and costly repairs. Trust in these hoses to keep your Lamborghini running smoothly.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, these hoses add a touch of style to your engine bay. Available in various colors, they allow you to customize the look of your Lamborghini, making it truly unique.
  5. Trusted by Professionals: Samco Sport hoses have earned the trust of professional race teams worldwide. When you choose these hoses, you’re getting a product that has proven its worth on the track.

In summary, Samco Sport’s Ancillary Hoses for Lamborghini offer a blend of performance, reliability, and aesthetics. They are a smart investment for Lamborghini owners who demand the best for their supercars.



Kit Code TCS730/ANC
Hose Type Ancillary
Vehicle Year 2003-2008
Hoses Included 6
Clip Kit CK 730/ANC