Gearbox solutions

Our manufacturer-trained technicians can provide high quality gearbox solutions for your car. Having worked on high-end vehicles from all major manufacturers, we can liaise with you on your performance goals, carrying out these adjustments using OEM equivalent parts to give you that extra acceleration and seamless gear changes. Our wide-ranging expertise means we are confident working on the finer details when it comes to your gears, fitting parts that will make a difference and giving you a completely bespoke supercar.

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Graziano L140 solutions

Drop Gear sets

Direct replacement for the OE transfer gears. On higher horsepower applications or heavily tracked vehicles, these transfer gears are the first item to break in the gearbox. Replacements are manufactured in a superior alloy, with optimised tooth counts and geometry that eliminate this failure point. These are offered in several ratios, depending on vehicle use, engine choice and desired MPH.

High Performance Clutch Kits

These clutch kits are produced in Kevlar, ceramic and carbon facings with lightweight aluminium pressure plate lids.  Custom flywheels made of high-quality steel or aluminium can be provided to suit any engine selection and are balanced as a rotating assembly with the clutch. Supporting applications from 300lb-ft to 2500lb-ft+.

Sequential Paddle Shift System

Sequential paddle shift system for the Graziano L140.  Customized to your application with datalogging and remote tuning capabilities.

Overdrive 5/6 Gear

Alternative ratios for the 5/6 gear to allow for a more conventional overdrive gear.  Paired with the 1.04 drop gears, it optimizes both acceleration and highway RPM.

Midplate and Retaining Plate

Direct replacement for the OEM cast midplate. As horsepower increases, the second most common failure point is the area between the main and lay shafts. 6061 Aluminium Midplate and 4140/42 Retaining Plate.

Custom Applications

We have the capability to engineer, design and produce one-off drivetrain solutions. Please enquire for more details.

Motorsports Limited Slip Differential (front and rear)

Ramp-and-plate LSD for track-only vehicles where the owner wishes to tune locking behaviour on acceleration and deceleration for optimal track performance.

High Torque Limited Slip Differential (front and rear)

For high torque applications where the OEM LSD’s capacity is exceeded, and the owner desires the functionality of a limited slip differential.

Custom Axles

Custom fitment 300M axles and chromoly CV joints.  Made to length and supplied complete with hardware and flanges to match the Graziano L140 output flange.

Drop Gears – R8 / Gallardo Fitment

1.04 Drop Gear

Replacement for OEM 1.32 transfer gear. Est. 220mph top speed and 2200rpm highway cruise in American V8 application (vs 170mph and 3500rpm highway cruise with OEM gear)

0.90 Drop Gear

Replacement for OEM 1.32 transfer gear. Est. 255mph top speed and 2000rpm highway cruise in American V8 application (vs 170mph and 3500rpm highway cruise with OEM gear). Gives up some acceleration in gears 1-5 versus the 1.04 drop gear.

0.76 Drop Gear

Replacement for OEM 1.32 transfer gear for high horsepower / standing mile competitions. Est. 300mph top speed.

0.60 Sixth Gear

Replacement for the OEM ratio that results in a higher top speed (est. 260 to 290mph depending on V8 or V10 gearbox) or a conventional overdrive layout.  Ideal pairing with the 1.04 drop gear, which maximizes acceleration for 1-5 gears.

Custom gearbox builds

If you are interested in a custom gearbox built to your exact specifications, please enquire with our team of expert technicians at Supercar Service. Having been trained by manufacturers and with wide-ranging expertise on all aspects of gearboxes and clutch kits, we can work with you to create a gearbox that is completely unique to your vehicle and makes a noticeable difference to performance.

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