Whether you are looking to part exchange your current supercar to upgrade to something more powerful, or you find you are not driving your luxury vehicles as much and you want to spend the money elsewhere, it may be time to sell up. With the used car market thriving at the moment and the value of used cars continuing to rise, there is a high demand for used supercars and this is something that you could take advantage of. Before you have even listed it on one of the large online marketplaces, you will want to consider a few things to attract a potential buyer and make your vehicle stand out from other similar high-end sports cars. Factors such as condition, MOT’s, servicing and the platform you choose to sell it on are all important, as we explain all…

Is your supercar in good condition?

Whether buying or selling a supercar, it is highly likely that every small detail will be looked over before a sale is completed. For more common production cars, customers will have a large selection to choose from, which is why it is important to take your time to check over your vehicle in detail and have any repairs carried out before listing it on the market. Any scratches or scuffs, as well as imperfections inside the vehicle can all act as deterrents to someone viewing your car. Any mechanical faults are likely to become apparent if the vehicle is taken for a test drive, so not only is it important to make your car visually appealing, but to guarantee that everything is working correctly under the bonnet too. Some faults with your car may not be immediately obvious, so it could be worthwhile to have a diagnostic check carried out to identify any developing issues before they become more severe.

Has your supercar had its MOT?

One of the final steps to take before listing your supercar is checking its MOT and service history. One of the most important details that a buyer will look at is when the vehicle last had its MOT, and they will likely want to see its service history. If you have less than 3 months to go until your next MOT is due, this can be a potential drawback to any potential buyer as it means more costs once they have purchased the car. The longer your car is on the market, the more likely this is to become a problem, so you may want to have servicing and MOT preparation taken care of before the car sales process begins.

Have you prepared your supercar documentation?

Any potential buyer will likely want to check all the available information about your vehicle to ensure that it does not have a history of problems and repairs. You should have documentation ready such as purchase receipts, MOT certificates and any details of servicing and repairs that have previously been carried out. Having all of this paperwork available will make your supercar more appealing once on the market and will give any buyer peace of mind that it has been well looked after by you and previous owners.

How should you sell your supercar?

Once you are confident that your car is in its best possible condition and as appealing as possible to potential buyers, you must now decide how and where you want to sell your supercar. If you decide that you want to get the best deal for yourself and the most value from your supercar, you may opt to sell it privately. This means that you will avoid a third-party taking commission on the sale, but you will have to manage the process from start to finish, advertising the car yourself and dealing with all paperwork, which can be a complex task. Many opt to sell their cars on online platforms such as Autotrader, Cazoo, or social media, so these are useful places to start. Auction is something to consider if you are the owner of a particularly rare supercar, although you should remember that the auction house may take commission on the hammer price. If you are looking to upgrade your supercar, part exchange can be a great option to drastically reduce the price of your new purchase, whilst you also won’t have to worry about selling your previous car, so this is definitely something to consider.

If you think now is the time to sell your supercar, it is important to guarantee that it is in its best possible condition before listing so that you can appeal to potential buyers and make sure that it is off the market as quickly as it was put on. Here at Supercar Service, our expert technicians can help prepare your car so that it is looking and performing at its best before being sold. Whether you are the owner of an Aston Martin, Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari LaFerrari, our expertise allows us to work on even the most special editions of premium vehicles. To book your vehicle in with us, call 0203 701 5756 or email and we would be happy to help.